Vita bear

VITA BEAR is a gummy candy enriched with vitamins and minerals, recommended for children from 4 years old.

• Packaging with 200g.

• Fruits.


• Multivitamins and minerals in chewable candy shape;
• It contains natural fruit flavor.


• It is prepared with natural fruit flavor;
• Free of chemical preservative and gluten.

Preço Sugerido - R$ 

VITABEAR 200g ? 50 GOMAS DE 4g CADA R$ 68,00

Use Recommendations

Children from 5 years old, take in one gum a day. Children from 7 years old take in 2 gums a day or follow the doctor or dietician’s instructions.
Nutritional values
Where to buy

“Bala de goma enriquecida com vitaminas e minerais”

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