enteral comp

ENTERAL COMP is a complete nutritional food for enteral and/or oral use recommended for people that need special nutrition for recovery and/or maintenance of nutritional condition.

• Packaging with 800g.

• Vanilla.


• It provides 17,5g of protein in 100g of the product;
• Complete nutritional formula: norm caloric, normoproteic and e normolipidic;
• Each preparation provides 1, 0 Kcal/ml.


• Instantaneous food and easy solubility;
• Source of vitamins and minerals.

Preço Sugerido - R$

ENTERAL COMP 800g R$ 88,00

Use Recommendations

Dilute (5 spoons) (45g) of enteral complement in 50mL of fresh preheated water (between 30ºC and 35ºC). After complete homogeneity add water until it fills up to the final volume of 200ml. each preparation provides 1,0kcal/mL. Prepare only the dosage that will be handled. Handle it right after the preparation. Use by probe: In case of probe use, handle the product slowly according to the instructions established by dietician and/or doctor.
Nutritional values
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“ENTERAL COMP é um alimento nutricionalmente completo para uso enteral e/ou oral”

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